Twelfth Annual - August 17, 2019 - 7:30am


Marathon Relay

Do you have a group of friends that enjoy running? Want to be apart of the marathon experience and share that with your friends? Well this is the category for you! The marathon relay is an awesome team event that gets together a group of friends for a day of adventure and commoraderie. Each leg consists of 4-6 miles and each team member receives an event t-shirt and medal!


Quick Links
Relay Leg Routes
Vehicle Driving Instructions
Team Categories and Criteria
Relay Rules and Information


Registration Price

  • A transaction fee and Washington State Tax is assessed when registering online
  • Price increases occur at 10PM (not at midnight)
  • $5 discount provided to military personnel. Must present military ID at packet pick-up.
  • There is no day of race registration
  • Registration Options

Finish Location (google map)
Tacoma Art Museum
1701 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402
Click here for directions

Start Time
7:00 AM

The Course

    **Note on the map my run elevation profile going over the Narrows Bridge is not correct, the GPS drops below bridge level, the bridge elevation is approximately 187 feet in height. This is a net downhill course:)!


Relay Leg Distances

Exchange Points
MapMyRun Route Links
Start to N. Skyline Dr - Water Station # 2
N. Skyline Dr to N. 11th & Proctor - Water Station # 4
N. 11th & Proctor to N. 42nd & Bristol - Water Station # 6
N. 42nd & Bristol to N. 51st & Winnifred St. - Water station # 9
N. 51st & Winnifred St. to Finish

Vehicle Driving Instructions

  • PLEASE NO VEHICLES ON THE COURSE. These routes are designed to keep you off of the course.
  • Only leg ONE RUNNER should go to the start, you may drop your runner off but you need to be at exchange one before the race starts or you will be stuck on the wrong side of the bridge. Follow the driving routes below, these are designed to keep you off the race course and get you to the next exchange as quickly as possible. DO NOT FOLLOW THE RACE COURSE. You could end up stuck in traffic and not be able to get to your exchange points.


Driving Route
Gmap Route Link
Parking Location
Leg 1 catch the shuttle
Park at 6th and Skyline Park & Ride
Park at the corner of 11th and Proctor and walk across the street to the exchange
Park on the corner of 42nd & N.Visscher on walk up to exchange on 42nd & Bristol St.
Park next to Don's Market and walk to the corner of N. 51st and N. Winnifred St.
Direction to finish from last exchange. Park in downtown & walk to finish


Team Categories and Criteria

  •     Corporate Team
  •         Team must consist of 5 employees from the same business.
  •         Teams can consist of any denomination of males or females.
  •         Awards to the top 3 corporate teams place of business.
  •         Awards presented to each individual of the winning corporate team.


  •     Mixed Relay Team
  •         Each team must consist of at least two of the opposite sex. (2 males 3 Females - 3 females 2 males)
  •         Awards presented to the each individual of the winning team.


  •     Female Relay Team
  •         Female relay team must consist of all females.
  •         A relay member can run more than one leg but the team must have at least 4 team members to be eligible for awards.
  •         Awards presented to the each individual of the winning team.


  •     Male Relay Team
  •         Male relay team must consist of all males.
  •         A relay member can run more than one leg but the team must have at least 4 team members to be eligible for awards.
  •         Awards presented to the each individual of the winning team.

Relay Rules and Information

  •     The TCM Relay is designed for 5 persons however you can have 4 teammates.
  •     Team Captain is responsible for signing up the team online.
  •     Team Captain is responsible for collecting the teams money for their reimbursement.
  •     Team Captain must input team or corporate name in the appropriate field on the registration form.
  •     Team must supply their own support vehicle. Team Vehicles are NOT allowed on the course. Park off the course and walk over to the exchange point.
  •     In the event someone can't run someone else from the team can run two legs.
  •     In the event a substitution is made on the team the team captain must be sure that the NEW TEAM is in the correct division.
  •     The cost of the relay is the same regardless if you have only 2 people or 5.
  •     Each Relay team member will receive a technical shirt and medal.
  •     Relay Teams must consist of 4 persons to be eligible for awards.

Course Support
Water, Powerbar Electrolyte, Vaseline, and Port a-Potties will be provided at all water stations. Powerbar gel will be provided at mile 12.8 and 18.8. Aid Stations located at Mile 2.2, 4.5, 6.6, 8.5, 10.2, 12.8, 14.8, 16.5, 18.8, 21.5, 22.7, 24.5 and (mini) 25.5 aid station. Medical personnel will be on the course and at the finish.

Chip Timing
Each team member will receive a timing chip. Timing chip instructions are in your race packet. Please read the instructions carefully. It is important that the last team member be the only team member to cross the finish line timing mat. Otherwise the team's finish time might be recorded too early, and will cause problems with the overall results.

Time Limit
There is a time limit of 6 hours. Entire course will open to traffic after 6 hours. All of those remaining on the course must move to the sidewalks and obey traffic laws. The timing mats, medical staff, and finish line amenities will remain at the finish until all participants have finished.

Awards will be presented to each individual of the winning team in each category

Finish Line Amenities
The finish line recovery area is located at Tacoma Art Museum. Bagels, bananas, oranges, chips, chocolate milk and pizza will be available. Use your pizza ticket attached to your bib to receive a slice of pizza. Michelob ULTRA will be available in the beer garden for $2 a glass. Massage also available with suggested donation of $1/minute. Showers are available at the YMCA on 11th and Market St. (be prepared to show your bib number, ID and sign a waiver).








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