New Runners

Being a new runner can be challenging, frustrating and let's face it, sometimes confusing. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you started on the right path to your goal...the finish line!





You’ve made it!  You’ve done your homework and are ready to race.  Here are some tips for the day that will change your life.

Drive the Course
Pay attention to hills, turns, mile markers, and road surface. Construct a game plan, then visualize it.
Revel in Anxiety
Battling nerves before a race is not fun. Embrace the feeling; it's part of being a runner.
Focus on Yourself
If you think about other runners, you'll end up thinking, she looks faster than me. Keep things inner directed. Be aware of others, but keep yourself front and center.
Go Faster Each Mile
Start conservatively, and gradually increase your speed through the last mile. You'll feel great after your fast finish.
When you're struggling, count your steps to 100, then start over. This helps take your mind off your troubles.
Finish Strong
Whether you're racing or doing a long run, pick it up the last mile. If it's a speed or hill session, do that last repetition hard. This habit builds confidence for running — and life!